All the quality of Vimaplas masterbatches is offered to our customers in a wide variety of colors. Furthermore, our products are intended for various raw materials, such as PE, PP, PVC, TR and engineering resins.

Colored masterbatches

Vimaplas colored masterbatches stand out for the infinite color possibilities they present, always up to date with major market trends and the needs of our customers.

Black masterbatches

To offer excellence in black masterbatches, Vimaplas uses different concentrations of carbon black, developing products that have perfect coverage and maximum gloss.

White masterbatches ​

Vimaplas presents a large range of bleached tones for the development of white masterbatches, enabling colors that meet any project proposal.

Masterbatches with effects

If you are looking for masterbatches with special effects for your products, at Vimaplas you will find possibilities that will make your productions even more attractive.


With Vimaplas compounds, your industry is able to offer countless products. Our raw materials have the hardness and malleability necessary for your production to have the best results. With us you will find:


This thermoplastic compound is a type of excellent quality rubber, which presents durability, fluidity, malleability, translucency, elasticity, among other advantages.


It is an extremely versatile material and capable of replacing rubber, copper, ceramics, wood, among other products in our daily lives. It is non-toxic, lightweight, weather resistant and easy to apply.

PVC Micro Expandido

This variation of PVC is widely used due to its lightness and the wide variety of dyes it allows. At Vimaplas, it is available in all types of hardness and is unmissable cost-benefit.

PVC Compacto

Compact PVC is an excellent option for those looking for a material with low moisture absorption, good resistance to chemical agents and that can be worked in different ways. With high potential for bonding procedures and high rigidity, Vimaplas material stands out on the market.

Thermoplastic Additives

Vimaplas additives expand the potential of the raw materials with which your industry works, enabling the production of higher quality articles for your customers. Discover the variety of additives we offer for your products:

Anti UV
Release agent
Moisture absorber
Flow Assistant
Transparency Enhancer
Odor Neutralizer
Laser Printing
Flame Retardant
With Vimaplas, you are always one step ahead.